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This journal is a record of my attempt to learn Remote Viewing. I am now a week in, and things are actually going pretty spookily -- which is obviously a good sign.

My method is fairly straightforward. I have never tried RV before, and I'm already getting some good results, so I reckon anyone could do well at this.

** SETUP (All free)

I downloaded a free evaluation copy of BWGen from
I downloaded Project Renaissance's instructions on Image Streaming from
I downloaded Prudence Calabrese's free lessons on the TDS variant of Coordinate Remote Viewing from
I downloaded the manual for the SRV variant of Coordinate Remote Viewing from
I signed up with the RV Target Gallery sites and So far, Ten Thousand Roads (TKR, the Science Horizon url) seems better.

I read everything twice.

Having read through TDS and SRV, I modified TDS slightly so that the individual ideogrammatic scans (it'll make sense if you read the stuff) followed the format recommended in SRV.


Morning: do twenty minutes of Image Streaming practice. This is really hard and still feels really silly. It's worth it though.

Afternoon: Log on to a gallery and follow the directions to obtain a target reference ID.
Read Farsight's SRV Affirmation quietly aloud to myself.
Write out a cover sheet.
Put on my headphones and start playing the BWGen "BUILTIN: Meditation (2 deep)" preset.
Relax for twelve minutes.
Do the session as per a full TDS protocol, with three ideogram scans, a matrix grid, and a final composite picture. (I'm taking about 45 mins at the moment).
Write END on the paper, turn off BWGen, and walk about for a minute or two to reground myself.
Log back on to the gallery I came from and check my target image.

... and that's all there is to it.
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